Hi, Im Ali. Im an artist based in Philadelphia that specializes in public murals.

My passion is creating high quality, vibrant dreamscape murals. I work with clients to collaboratively bring their vision to life.

I also offer workshops and other creative services. Follow me on Instagram to stay connected to see what’s going on in the studio.

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Thanks for taking an interest in my work! xo

This is your light nudge reminder to sign up for the Acrylic Plant Painting Class with me & @pacrafts - class starts tomorrow night!! 💓Link in bio to sign up, or message me.

Virtual 2 part/session class: Tomorrow, May 13th & 20th, 6pm-8pm.

This class is great for beginners and also for people looking to better their acrylic painting skill.

Don’t worry, we aren’t working that big and you don’t need a lot of space! You’re welcome to blast some tunes, wear your pajamas, and keep your camera off if you’re zoom fatigued. The goal is to have fun & do something creative.

Quick synopsis of what you’ll learn: color theory/color mixing & matching, taking what you see and getting it onto the canvas, how to work with acrylics, and painting techniques and tips to get you the finished outcome you’re looking for.

You’ll leave class with a painted plant you can’t kill. 🙃

Let’s paint and chill! Let me know if you have questions. (If you’re interested in this class but can’t make it, let me know and we’ll see what we can do 😉)

Sign up at the link in my bio or head over to @pacrafts. Message me if you need anything.

I’m looking for Summer mural assistants! Must be Philly local (or in the Philly area). Bonus if you have mural experience with parachute cloth, and are able to paint realistically (portrait work, etc).

Tag someone if you think they’d be interested 💓 Please share 🙌

Email me your resume and portfolio!

Calling all plant lovers: I'm teaching a 2 part Virtual Acrylic Plant Painting class with the Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen May 13th and 20th! @pacrafts 🎨 (sign up link in my bio)

In this online class, students will learn techniques to work confidently with acrylics to paint and capture likeness and personality of their favorite plants. Participants will learn about the advantages of this fast-drying medium and will leave with a beautiful completed painting. This class will focus on basic painting techniques, brush handling, color mixing and matching, and the process of working on a painting from start to finish.

This class is perfect for beginners or for people looking to better their painting skill to capture likeness.

Link to sign up is in my bio! Shoot me a message with any questions! 🪴 💓

Studio assistant with her thinking BED on - really doing the goodest job helping me pump out ideas for this public mural call I’m working on. Thanks, Tula 👍@tulathegreat ...

Artist probs ✍️ ...

Grateful to be featured alongside some awesome artists in the ‘Feel Good’ issue by @candyflossmag 🍬

Candy Floss asked artists to write a blurb about things that make us feel good. During that time I was in a place that was very much the opposite of feeling good. But I was still able to recognize things that make me happy. A few things I listed: Tula 🐕(@tulathegreat), my Girl Gang 💓, listening to @myfavoritemurder, wild sunsets, the ocean 🌊...

This issue reminded of a long stretch of time where my artwork used to be really somber, and now I just want to make work that’s vibrant and brings me and others joy. ☺️

Also: that little white fluff ball is my sweet baby angel, Jonah 👼🏼😻

It’s her birthday and she’ll wear a flower crown if she wants to. 🌸 👑

🌼🌺 thank you so much to @ajewelbee for making this gorgeous custom flower crown for Tula’s mural portrait last year. It was so beautiful and it will live on forever in the @blickartmaterials Philly mural.

And happy 2nd birthday to my sweet Tootie 🐕 🥳 @tulathegreat !! Now I need to figure out how to make a doggo cake for a food allergy queen on a hydrolyzed protein diet 🤦🏻‍♀️ #spoiledpup

Some more mural flower details 🌸 🌺 💐 🌹

If you want to try your hand at painting flowers, I’m teaching a daytime virtual floral painting and techniques class with The Art Center at Ambler. 🎨 If you have questions, you can shoot me a message or drop them below.

Sign up through the link in my bio or visit: @artcenteratambler

Perfectly timed for spring, I’m teaching a virtual floral painting class with @artcenteratambler starting April 14th. This is a 4 session class on Wednesdays from 1-3pm. You can sign up at the link in my bio or head on over to their site.

I have a few other class partnerships coming up, so stay tuned! 🌸

Worked my brain on this big ‘ol pear a few weeks back from @curio.lancaster’s Sketch Club 🍐 @curio.sketchclub ...

I’ve taken a break from sharing here for a whole month 😳 Every few days I have a plan to come back, and I bail. Social media can be a huge source of anxiety for me. So here’s an appropriate throwback of me literally walking away 😂

I wish I heard rustling palms and felt a warm sea breeze, but the reality is it was below 30 this morning. It’s supposed to hit 70 degrees this week before it snows again ... so I’m seriously considering taking my paddle board out. I realize the water is ice 🧊 🥶

This will be a good / better week. 🌞

Lucid Dreaming. 11x14 Prints available 💓 Shop my Instagram or DM me xo ...

Sad girl lippie detail in progress. That white whisker is long gone so I’m glad I was able to commemorate it in this mural 🥰 ...

🌴 Needed some tropic vibes on this freezing winter day. So, I’m painting some vibrant palms with a habanero piña colada. I’ll almost never turn down a piña colada but I doubt I could handle a frozen one today 🥶😂 Thanks @wildbasinhardseltzer for giving me what I want 🙌

Idk what this little painting is, but I’m just goin’ for it. Cheers to Friyay!

There was a lot of pressure around this one 😬 Here’s the work in progress start of @tulathegreat ...

If you’ve wondered why I haven’t painted Tula yet ... I have ... months ago 😬. She’s about 9’ in a mural and I’ve been waiting for photos from a shoot that is now scheduled for February.

Might as well post the process! Here are some of Tootie’s colors 🥰

Mural tip: if you’re mixing colors in bulk, takeout containers work great. Also, mixing paint for murals is messy as hell - cover everything. I like to put down a white surface to mix over, so you can really see your colors and test out some paint swatches.

Holy shit that was a big denim shirt. Flashback to 2013 with the original Instagram filters and lousy quality photos 🙃 ...

Last week’s virtual sketch club with @curio.lancaster 🖤

I haven’t really sat down to draw or opened a sketchbook in an embarrassingly long time. I was a little rusty, and way too ambitious to try to tackle this entire still life with multiple perspectives 😆 but I got through it.

Looking forward to tonight’s session! I’m going in with less expectations for myself and a willingness to get funky and free.

Unrelated to this drawing, it feels sunnier than usual this morning 🇺🇸🙌

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