Hi, Im Ali. Im an artist based in Philadelphia that specializes in public murals.

My passion is creating high quality, vibrant dreamscape murals. I work with clients to collaboratively bring their vision to life.

I also offer workshops and other creative services. Follow me on Instagram to stay connected to see what’s going on in the studio.

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Thanks for taking an interest in my work! xo

A fun little splash for @theworksmalvern 🧘🏻‍♀️

Everything about their branding and space is so warm and adorbs. Can’t wait to take a class here 🙂

🪄 @theworksmalvern 🧘🏻‍♀️ ...

Been in my feels after this was dedicated last Wednesday. This was such an incredible project to be a part of. I’m so honored to have partnered with @rhdmorrishome to memorialize these beautiful local Black trans women, celebrate their lives, and the lives of others departed from our trans & gender nonconforming community.

I hope that this mural also speaks to love, and joy, and pride, and the present moment, and the future, and feels celebratory … all at once. Thank you to @alokvmenon for allowing us to draw inspiration from their words. 💓

I’m so proud of this artwork and it is thanks to all of the talented and highly skilled artists that were a part of it: @julielaquer @jaq_masters @katblackthepainter @amarasart @gggreatwhite & the incredible install team: @skovesart @_mcbailey & @divinedownes 🎨 💗 and project manager @movepaige ☺️ I am so grateful, Love to you all 🥰

Pictured left to right in the mural: Kyra Cordova, Charlene Arcila, Niza Morris, Michelle Tamika Washington, Shantee Tucker, London Kiki Chanel, and Dominique Rem’mie Fells. ❤️

You can see the mural in person at @phillyaidsthrift

That’s a wrap! The Morris Home mural at Philly AIDS Thrift is complete! The dedication is today at 1pm!!!!💓 @rhdmorrishome @phillyaidsthrift

This mural started 2+ years ago, so it feels a bit like a fever dream to finally see it up on the wall and bring it to a close.

I haven’t posted a single thing about the production so I’m looking forward to reviewing old photos and videos and sharing all about this one! (It was painted last summer in my studio!) xoxo

Wondering how this tiny thing is gonna look blown up. Hopefully awesome. Probably, most definitely awesome. Updates when I have ‘em! 🌸 ...

#tulaforscale 🐕 Did this LITTLE design & painting combo for a client a couple weeks ago so it can be scanned, printed, and installed as a huge decal mural of sorts.

100% think I would have spent the same amount of time on the actual wall size art (but that wasn’t an option) (painting small is the 😈 to me)

And now, in addition to the printed mural, I have this mini mural / nice size painting that I’m brainstorming what to do with.

I’m waiting to get word on the install, so updates to come 🙂

Tiny brushes, tiny details, tiny paintings … the death of me ☠️. LOVE pulling tape though! 🤤

This “small” painting is going to be scanned, blown up in size, printed, and installed as a mural at 🤫🤫

First time a project will leave my studio and will be outta my hands / control after that!

Will post more when it’s up!

💐🌸 🌺 🌼🌷🌻🌾 ...

Working tiny on a newbie green 💚mural ...

‘Best on the block’ and truly the best people to work with 🖤@cleaversphilly 🥩 🔪

Nothin’ new here, didn’t post a final shot of this one from a few weeks ago. Now if I could get myself to post every project I did & didn’t share from 2020 on … 😂

My sandy little toot angel is 3! 🥰 We’re celebrating with beach romps, naps, & lots of snacks 💕@tulathegreat ...

You always hope you didn’t miss anything when you draw it up there 😬🤞SUCCESS!

Had to work on this before the shop opened - and if you know me, you know I’m not a morning person 😴 Wrapping up painting on Tuesday.

Fun fact: I did that 4 color brick wall mural when Cleavers first opened 6+ years ago ☺️

Some fun artsy signage for Cleavers.

There are so many different ways to approach murals and sign painting. Transfer paper is something I’ll often use for small paintings, but it also works great for mural projects like this.

If you’re getting started with murals or have a project you need some help with, let’s chat! I have one on one consulting calls and private workshops available through the link in my bio 😉

“Awkward!” Would you say that’s accurate? 😂

You can listen to the whole podcast by my dear friend @charukaarora at @artstoheartsproject (link in my bio) 💕

Thanks for having me, Charuka, I had a blast!

40 footer 🪜🤢 and @scubi_dubie acting like it’s nothing 😂

Eddie and I were next door neighbors growing up. 18 years or so ago, his dad gave me my first mural job. I had no clue what I was doing then, and I never imagined we’d be teaming up in the air all these years later. Thanks for helping me feel as safe as possible up there @scubi_dubie!

*this is not my mural. I was hired to add some paint finishes to the printed wall covering. Install work by isign.


Radiate Kindness. 🖤❤️🤍 Here’s a reminder to be kind. You never know what someone is going through … and if you’re going through something, I can’t suggest wearing cat pants enough. I 🖤 you. Xo @insideverizon

And Happy Christmas Eve to the folks that are celebrating🎄

Painted with 💕🖤 for @verizon @insideverizon #acallforkindness ...

It’s my birthday, and I’m too old for pulling all nighters outside in the cold for mural painting … but I did it anyway. ♥️🖤 🤍

Thank you to everyone that has reached out and for all the birthday love. It has been an especially difficult time, so it is nice to be thought of. I appreciate you.

Also, both of my parents referred to me as peanut today so I’m feeling like a very young 37 year old 🥜 ☺️ (I mean 25 …)

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