Commission a Mural

Commission a Mural


Why a mural is a great solution: Art inspires and beautifies your space. Whether a mural is a subtle backdrop or a bold, highly rendered statement piece, it immediately transforms the environment and establishes connection to your brand, voice, and vibe.

“Yes, that’s exactly what I’m going for, now what?”

So, you want a mural – next steps: Get measurements of your wall (this is most important) I’ll also need a description of the wall (texture, location, indoor/outdoor). A photo is helpful but not necessary.  Also consider if you have a timeline or budget you’re working with, any initial ideas, or inspiration for the wall. I need all of that information to provide an estimate. 

What is the process when commissioning a mural or fine art piece?

-Phase 1: Estimate, Approval of Estimate, Sign Contract, Establish Timeline.

-Phase 2: Design process, Approval of Design.

-Phase 3: Mural Prep & Production / Fine Art Prep & Production

-Phase 4: Mural Installation / Fine Art Completion

How do you create mural designs? Do I get input?

This is a collaborative process. Once we establish your project’s goal and vision, I’ll start creating a concept. I create designs digitally in Photoshop and will email you the digital rendering. There is usually some back and forth with design tweaks.  I never start painting a mural without a fully approved design. If you’d prefer I have full creative say on your project, that’s a different story!

What materials do you use?

-The highest quality Acrylic Mural paint: Nova Color and Golden Mural Paints

-Parachute Cloth

-Nova Gel

-UV protectant sealant

What the heck is parachute cloth?

Parachute cloth is another name for Polytab. It’s a paint surface (traditionally used in the fashion industry) like canvas but much more thin and durable. It takes on whatever shape and texture it is adhered to.

So you dont paint directly on the wall?

We will determine what method is best based on your project. But most of my murals are painted off-site on parachute cloth. The cloth is broken into sections to be painted and are later pieced together and installed onto the wall. Painting on parachute cloth instead of directly on a wall is more durable, enhances vibrant colors, and preserves the longevity of a mural. This process is great because it’s a true convenience to my clients. The majority of the mural can be worked on in my studio instead of your space. Weather also does not play a factor in determining when your project can be worked on since this can be painted off-site.

If there is an interest in community engagement, this process allows a mural to be worked on by several participants at a time in a safe and easily transportable way. In order to make the mural painting process more accessible I assign a paint by number system to sections of the mural that are being worked on by community members. After a mural is brought to completion in my studio, it is installed on the wall with Nova Gel (a permanent adhesive glue). Touch ups are done on the wall and the mural is sealed with a UV protectant sealer.

How long does a mural take?

A mural can take anywhere from a couple of days to several months to paint depending on the size and detail. Generally, small murals take less time to complete, but other factors that come into play are the intricacy of the design, location, if community workshops are involved, etc. A 10’ x 10’ mural may take a week to paint if it is very detailed, and this does not including the design or prep production.

I often have more than one project going on at a time, especially during busy seasons. I do offer a priority rush service for an extra fee if clients need a quick turn around time. Murals are time consuming, especially the design process. Production prep also takes a lot of planning and time.

How much does a mural cost? I charge by the square foot. I’ll need measurements of your wall before giving you an estimate.  Some factors that also come into play are timeline, the style or type of mural, wall condition, etc. The minimum square footage I charge is 100sq’ which is about 10’ x 10’ – If you have something smaller in mind, I can still create a mural but the minimum price will be for 100 square feet.

What payment do you accept? I accept electronic payment by card, PayPal or Venmo, and check. Some clients I work with have company policies in place where they need to pay a vendor a specific way. I’m happy to accommodate that.

Do you take payment plans? Yes! I typically break payments up into a deposit and final payment but I’m happy to create a payment plan to work within your budget. The same goes for my smaller works of art.

How long have you been creating murals, and what’s your background?

I studied 2 dimensional fine art (Painting, drawing, and print-making) at Moore College of Art and Design. I graduated with a BFA in 2007. Before I graduated, I interned with The Mural Arts Program to learn how to create murals.  I immediately fell in love with public art and was able to extend my internship to continue assisting on a mural project. After assisting on murals for a few years, I co-founded Chroma Dolls LLC, my former fine art mural company.  I now work on creative projects solo under Ali M Williams Arts LLC.  

Do you have insurance? Yep! I’m aerial lift certified too.

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Thankful for the best studio assistant of all time. @tulathegreat ...

Feeling pretty exhausted after putting up two murals back to back. It could be from staying up painting til 1:30AM a few nights, or the overall hype and physical toll (I just had a birthday during all that, I’m 36 now 🎉 and my body is not springing back 😬).

But there’s also such an emotional release when the work is done. I always feels a little sad and lost afterwards. Being so immersed and attached, to suddenly removed entirely is a strange experience.

So, I’m taking it slower this week and launching my beginner mural course and getting my shop ready for the holidays. Stay tuned for those offerings this weekend! 🙌

On that note: PLEASE, please, pleeeeeeaaase remember all of your small business friends and ditch the big corporations when shopping this year! 😘

📸 Photo by the amazing @beaumondeoriginals

When I installed this mural a few years ago there was metal bar top attached to the wall where that primed white stripe is. At the time, I made what I thought was the best decision: to lower the entire mural under the bar ... not realizing years later this space would go under major construction and I’d have to paint out that whole section 😂

This is the kind of problem solving I enjoy, and also why I’m so thankful most of this area was pattern I could make up.

Eyeballing that circle though, I felt like Claire in Six Feet Under with her art school homework where she had to draw a perfect circle. SHE WAS STRESSED (I was only stressed about the election) Who else LOVES that show?! It’s an all-time favorite of mine. Might be time for a re-watch.

If you’ve wondered what the heck I’m talking about when I say I paint murals off-site in my studio and then install them ... here ya go, this is what that process looks like. 🤪 Happy FriYay!

Thankful for the @maggierogers tunes 🎵Keeping me inspired

Throwback to this mural install a couple years back. Just gave this mural a makeover for the space’s new renovations. Stay tuned for all the changes! 🦉 🌺 💎 ...

Revisiting this one 🌸 💎 ...

My favorite photos are “Tula for scale” photos. @tulathegreat ...

Maybe I’m less stressed because of the giant Amethyst I painted the other week. (Jk) I just took this off my studio wall for a mural install.

Sending some healing energy your way too - we could all use it right now.

💎 Amethyst benefits: relieves stress, soothes irritability, balances mood swings, dispels anger, rage, fear and anxiety. Alleviates sadness and grief, and dissolves negativity. Amethyst activates spiritual awareness, opens intuition and enhances psychic abilities.🔮

What’s been helping you cope and relieve stress?

Laying down the base coat in this little cloud covering time lapse video.

☁️ Cloud painting tips: Lots of under painting (like what you see here!), Many paint layers for depth, Cheap hardware store wash brushes for airy texture (dry brush technique), and loads of matte medium for transparent washes & layering.

🎵 Sébastien Tellier - Roche @sebastientellier

Manuevering this ladder in a room with a Great Dane takes a lot of skill and prayers. I’m happy to report there were no injuries. And also, today I locked down an install date for next week. 🙌This thing is ready to go! #letsgetthis ...

She’s still committed to being a part of this project despite the long hours I make her put in ... 😴 @tulathegreat ...

Slacking on the Instagram updates 🌺

It’s fall outside, but tropical in here

Not a throwback although it feels awfully familiar 🤔 I’m revisiting one of my favorite past murals due to some exciting renovations. The install is creeping up soon!

Do you know which mural this is?? 😉

Tula letting me know she wants to be a part of this new mural project. Mural deets soon! ...

Something I started doing a few months ago to heal my relationship with my personal art practice was to work on collages. I’m already essentially doing digital collage work when I design murals but I never thought about it that way before - plus, all of my mural work is for clients. This is something I wanted to do for myself without a plan, without expectations, and without sharing. (And without the added pressure of perfectionism) I needed a creative outlet outside of painting.

Tiny collages that I don’t share and keep to myself is the opposite of labor intensive giant murals on display for the public. So these feel really personal. And while I battled the idea of playing vs. making something for a purpose and profit, I’m gonna try to keep it going. 🤞

*Any other artists have deliberately private work you create knowing it’s for your eyes only??*

I planned to keep these totally private, but then an opportunity came up with @archenemyarts gallery, so I made one that echoed the mural I was working on at the time.

And I recently saw it sold 🙌 woo hoo!

You can still see all the artwork from the Pandemic Postcard Show on their website and in their gallery windows. Thanks again for the invite @archenemyarts 💓

Alternative studio view ...

Whoa that shine! Sealing it up to my favorite Sade cover by @instagramber 🖤

Varnish/Sealant: @liquitexofficial

Proud lady for scale. We really want a cat ... hoping her dad sees this.

It’s always a difficult shift to jump from murals to small traditional paintings.

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