Commission a Mural

Commission a Mural


Why a mural is a great solution: Art inspires and beautifies your space. Whether a mural is a subtle backdrop or a bold, highly rendered statement piece, it immediately transforms the environment and establishes connection to your brand, voice, and vibe.

“Yes, that’s exactly what I’m going for, now what?”

So, you want a mural – next steps: Get measurements of your wall (this is most important) I’ll also need a description of the wall (texture, location, indoor/outdoor). A photo is helpful but not necessary.  Also consider if you have a timeline or budget you’re working with, any initial ideas, or inspiration for the wall. I need all of that information to provide an estimate. 

What is the process when commissioning a mural or fine art piece?

-Phase 1: Estimate, Approval of Estimate, Sign Contract, Establish Timeline.

-Phase 2: Design process, Approval of Design.

-Phase 3: Mural Prep & Production / Fine Art Prep & Production

-Phase 4: Mural Installation / Fine Art Completion

How do you create mural designs? Do I get input?

This is a collaborative process. Once we establish your project’s goal and vision, I’ll start creating a concept. I create designs digitally in Photoshop and will email you the digital rendering. There is usually some back and forth with design tweaks.  I never start painting a mural without a fully approved design. If you’d prefer I have full creative say on your project, that’s a different story!

What materials do you use?

-The highest quality Acrylic Mural paint: Nova Color and Golden Mural Paints

-Parachute Cloth

-Nova Gel

-UV protectant sealant

What the heck is parachute cloth?

Parachute cloth is another name for Polytab. It’s a paint surface (traditionally used in the fashion industry) like canvas but much more thin and durable. It takes on whatever shape and texture it is adhered to.

So you dont paint directly on the wall?

We will determine what method is best based on your project. But most of my murals are painted off-site on parachute cloth. The cloth is broken into sections to be painted and are later pieced together and installed onto the wall. Painting on parachute cloth instead of directly on a wall is more durable, enhances vibrant colors, and preserves the longevity of a mural. This process is great because it’s a true convenience to my clients. The majority of the mural can be worked on in my studio instead of your space. Weather also does not play a factor in determining when your project can be worked on since this can be painted off-site.

If there is an interest in community engagement, this process allows a mural to be worked on by several participants at a time in a safe and easily transportable way. In order to make the mural painting process more accessible I assign a paint by number system to sections of the mural that are being worked on by community members. After a mural is brought to completion in my studio, it is installed on the wall with Nova Gel (a permanent adhesive glue). Touch ups are done on the wall and the mural is sealed with a UV protectant sealer.

How long does a mural take?

A mural can take anywhere from a couple of days to several months to paint depending on the size and detail. Generally, small murals take less time to complete, but other factors that come into play are the intricacy of the design, location, if community workshops are involved, etc. A 10’ x 10’ mural may take a week to paint if it is very detailed, and this does not including the design or prep production.

I often have more than one project going on at a time, especially during busy seasons. I do offer a priority rush service for an extra fee if clients need a quick turn around time. Murals are time consuming, especially the design process. Production prep also takes a lot of planning and time.

How much does a mural cost? I charge by the square foot. I’ll need measurements of your wall before giving you an estimate.  Some factors that also come into play are timeline, the style or type of mural, wall condition, etc. The minimum square footage I charge is 100sq’ which is about 10’ x 10’ – If you have something smaller in mind, I can still create a mural but the minimum price will be for 100 square feet.

What payment do you accept? I accept electronic payment by card, PayPal or Venmo, and check. Some clients I work with have company policies in place where they need to pay a vendor a specific way. I’m happy to accommodate that.

Do you take payment plans? Yes! I typically break payments up into a deposit and final payment but I’m happy to create a payment plan to work within your budget. The same goes for my smaller works of art.

How long have you been creating murals, and what’s your background?

I studied 2 dimensional fine art (Painting, drawing, and print-making) at Moore College of Art and Design. I graduated with a BFA in 2007. Before I graduated, I interned with The Mural Arts Program to learn how to create murals.  I immediately fell in love with public art and was able to extend my internship to continue assisting on a mural project. After assisting on murals for a few years, I co-founded Chroma Dolls LLC, my former fine art mural company.  I now work on creative projects solo under Ali M Williams Arts LLC.  

Do you have insurance? Yep! I’m aerial lift certified too.

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Grateful to be featured alongside some awesome artists in the ‘Feel Good’ issue by @candyflossmag 🍬

Candy Floss asked artists to write a blurb about things that make us feel good. During that time I was in a place that was very much the opposite of feeling good. But I was still able to recognize things that make me happy. A few things I listed: Tula 🐕(@tulathegreat), my Girl Gang 💓, listening to @myfavoritemurder, wild sunsets, the ocean 🌊...

This issue reminded of a long stretch of time where my artwork used to be really somber, and now I just want to make work that’s vibrant and brings me and others joy. ☺️

Also: that little white fluff ball is my sweet baby angel, Jonah 👼🏼😻

It’s her birthday and she’ll wear a flower crown if she wants to. 🌸 👑

🌼🌺 thank you so much to @ajewelbee for making this gorgeous custom flower crown for Tula’s mural portrait last year. It was so beautiful and it will live on forever in the @blickartmaterials Philly mural.

And happy 2nd birthday to my sweet Tootie 🐕 🥳 @tulathegreat !! Now I need to figure out how to make a doggo cake for a food allergy queen on a hydrolyzed protein diet 🤦🏻‍♀️ #spoiledpup

Some more mural flower details 🌸 🌺 💐 🌹

If you want to try your hand at painting flowers, I’m teaching a daytime virtual floral painting and techniques class with The Art Center at Ambler. 🎨 If you have questions, you can shoot me a message or drop them below.

Sign up through the link in my bio or visit: @artcenteratambler

Perfectly timed for spring, I’m teaching a virtual floral painting class with @artcenteratambler starting April 14th. This is a 4 session class on Wednesdays from 1-3pm. You can sign up at the link in my bio or head on over to their site.

I have a few other class partnerships coming up, so stay tuned! 🌸

Worked my brain on this big ‘ol pear a few weeks back from’s Sketch Club 🍐 @curio.sketchclub ...

I’ve taken a break from sharing here for a whole month 😳 Every few days I have a plan to come back, and I bail. Social media can be a huge source of anxiety for me. So here’s an appropriate throwback of me literally walking away 😂

I wish I heard rustling palms and felt a warm sea breeze, but the reality is it was below 30 this morning. It’s supposed to hit 70 degrees this week before it snows again ... so I’m seriously considering taking my paddle board out. I realize the water is ice 🧊 🥶

This will be a good / better week. 🌞

Lucid Dreaming. 11x14 Prints available 💓 Shop my Instagram or DM me xo ...

Sad girl lippie detail in progress. That white whisker is long gone so I’m glad I was able to commemorate it in this mural 🥰 ...

🌴 Needed some tropic vibes on this freezing winter day. So, I’m painting some vibrant palms with a habanero piña colada. I’ll almost never turn down a piña colada but I doubt I could handle a frozen one today 🥶😂 Thanks @wildbasinhardseltzer for giving me what I want 🙌

Idk what this little painting is, but I’m just goin’ for it. Cheers to Friyay!

There was a lot of pressure around this one 😬 Here’s the work in progress start of @tulathegreat ...

If you’ve wondered why I haven’t painted Tula yet ... I have ... months ago 😬. She’s about 9’ in a mural and I’ve been waiting for photos from a shoot that is now scheduled for February.

Might as well post the process! Here are some of Tootie’s colors 🥰

Mural tip: if you’re mixing colors in bulk, takeout containers work great. Also, mixing paint for murals is messy as hell - cover everything. I like to put down a white surface to mix over, so you can really see your colors and test out some paint swatches.

Holy shit that was a big denim shirt. Flashback to 2013 with the original Instagram filters and lousy quality photos 🙃 ...

Last week’s virtual sketch club with 🖤

I haven’t really sat down to draw or opened a sketchbook in an embarrassingly long time. I was a little rusty, and way too ambitious to try to tackle this entire still life with multiple perspectives 😆 but I got through it.

Looking forward to tonight’s session! I’m going in with less expectations for myself and a willingness to get funky and free.

Unrelated to this drawing, it feels sunnier than usual this morning 🇺🇸🙌

Watercolor homework + Fruity Sangria = Sunday Funday @wildbasinhardseltzer @oskarblues ...

We’re ready for our watercolor class tonight with @ginaaltadonna and @mainlineartcenter!

I’ve been a longtime fan of Gina’s work so I felt really lucky when I saw she was teaching this class. (Go check out her work!) Watercolors are scary to me so I never used them, so I think this will be good for my art soul. 🎨

(And thanks @k_ryan_art for the watercolor paper!)

I know her! ☺️ I snagged this photo from @katerinaspopova 💓 Can’t wait to get my own copy and see the latest issue of @createmagazine in print!

Ginger Rudolph from @hahamag curated this issue and I’m honored to have a featured interview. There are so many great artists in this issue (#23) that I either know personally or have been stalking 😆. Thank you, thank you, thank you 🙏!!!

Featured photo by the amazing @beaumondeoriginals

In progress throwback to this owl eye mask 🦉

16x20 prints are available of this in my shop!

We’re in hibernation mode 😂, but I’m ready to get some new work up on those blank walls. ...

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